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Open Restitution Africa is currently a passion project, and entirely self-financed.

Anyone interested to support the continuation and expansion of this work is encouraged to get in touch with us.

Partner with Us: The Open Restitution Africa projects looks to be an aggregator and central point of information interested in restitution from an African perspective. We therefore need support to gather, search for and sort through all the information we possibly can. We are looking to partner with museums, museum specialists, open data practitioners, data scientists and other interested individuals to collaborate on various elements of this project. Please contact us if you would like to get involved in any capacity.

Send Us Info: Do you have information on a particular restitution claim or return?

Is your museum open to sharing its experiences with restitution and return to help us build a database to share approaches and strategies?

Are you developing policies within your institution that you are interested to share?

Or maybe you are part of a community that has made, or intends to make, a request for a return?

Contribute to our database

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