Restitution 101: A History of Theft [Live Screenings]

In our ongoing mission to reshape the discourse around African heritage, we embarked on a transformative journey with the Restitution 101 series. Once we launched, we had a vision to hold live screenings in various African cities, creating intentional spaces for Africans to engage with their own stories, fostering dialogue, and building connections.

From Accra, Ghana, to Johannesburg, South Africa; Kampala, Uganda; Bamako, Mali; Nairobi, Kenya; and Yaounde, Cameroon, we ventured to African cities, bringing the series directly to the communities whose stories it looks to tell. The goal was not only to share the episode but to create spaces for dialogue, questions, and reflections.

For too long, the narrative of Africa’s history and heritage has been shaped by and often distorted by external voices. The Restitution 101 live screenings aimed to change this narrative, providing a platform for Africans to reclaim their stories, share their experiences and engage in conversations about restitution.

As we look ahead, we are thrilled to announce that Episode 2 is in the works. The journey continues, and we invite you to be part of this transformative experience. Sign up HERE to be notified when Episode 2 goes live.

Watch the Nairobi screening:

Stay tuned for more updates, stories, and episodes.

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