Introducing Our Case Study Researchers

In our ongoing mission to champion the restitution of African heritage, we cast out a call for Case Study Researchers. Today, we’re excited to introduce the remarkable individuals who
have joined our team. They come with a diverse range of experiences and insights that mirror
the vibrant tapestry of our continent.
Here at Open Restitution Africa, our commitment to African heritage restitution isn’t just about
words; it’s about action. We’re deeply immersed in a substantial research project aimed at
mapping both historical and ongoing restitution efforts related to material heritage and human
ancestors originating from Africa. Our central goal is to compile and make accessible a bank of
information about African restitution processes. Our aim is to provide transparent, open data
that can empower heritage practitioners and community representatives across the African
Our Case Study Researchers contribute greatly to our mission of transparency and knowledge-
sharing in the realm of restitution. This talented cohort of interns comes from various corners of
the African continent, embodying the essence of Open Restitution Africa – a unified, pan-African movement to restore our heritage to its rightful place. Without further ado, meet the incredible individuals who have joined our team:

Mwape J Mumbi

A dedicated researcher from Zambia, Mwape’s commitment to preserving
African heritage resonates deeply with our mission.

David Maina

Representing Kenya, David brings his expertise in archaeology and social
dynamics to the table.

William Tsaka

Another proud Kenyan, William’s fervor for heritage preservation and restoration fuels his unwavering dedication to our cause.

Martin Donlefack

Hailing from Cameroun, Martin’s diverse cultural insights contribute
significantly to our pan-African research endeavours.

As we extend a warm welcome to our Case Study Researchers, we celebrate the diversity of
thought, experience, and culture they bring to the table. Together, we embark on a unified
journey toward a deeper understanding, comprehensive documentation, and unwavering
advocacy for the restitution of Africa’s cultural heritage. Their work promises to enrich our
collective knowledge and fortify the very foundation upon which we stand as advocates for
justice and preservation.

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