Introducing Our Case Study Researchers (2nd Cohort)

In our ongoing commitment to champion African heritage restitution, Open Restitution Africa proudly introduces the dedicated individuals who have recently joined our team on an exciting research project. Each brings a wealth of diverse experiences, passion, and unique perspectives that enrich the quality of our research.

Meet Our New Case Study Researchers:

Winani Thebele : Winani is a consultant from Botswana who works with communities, universities, and museums on heritage issues.

Bulami Fonyuy: Bulami is a teacher, cultural promoter, researcher, and consultant specializing in the cultural, anthropological, and ethnographic life of the Nso people.

Katrine Vigne: Katrine is a Heritage Management specialist from Namibia whose work has focused on colonial legacies.

Maximilian Chami: Maximilian is a passionate researcher with a focus on cultural restitution issues, driven by family ties within the restitution industry.

Alma Simba: Alma is a Tanzanian historian who is enthusiastic about the past, particularly stories of disadvantaged identities, family histories, heritage, and women.

Stanslous Jambo Harro: Stanslous is a research scientist with extensive knowledge of historical science and monuments, also serving as a curator.

We gladly welcome them to the team as they embark on this new journey, working closely with our in-house research team on an exciting project.

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