Open access to information on restitution

The Open Restitution Project is an Africa-led project seeking to open up access to information on the restitution of African material culture and human ancestors, to empower all stakeholders involved to make knowledge-based decisions.

Over 1,000,000 known African artefacts unwillingly held outside the continent. 
Of these, less than 1,000 have been returned

We believe that data on restitution should be


Encouraging a culture of transparency and accountability in restitution issues. 


Making existing knowledge, often being developed in Euro-American institutions, more accessible to Africans


Allowing for open, data-driven resources that enable more informed positions and debates.


The project is driven by the need to make central and accessible the breadth of knowledge being built around restitution debates

Podcast Episodes

How can digitisation of African heritage be equitable in the context of restitution? This podcast explores questions around digitisation and restitution

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